Self Awareness and partners take soft skills into Europe!

Posted 1:19PM on 15 March 2012

Just this last December saw the First Transnational Meeting in Loughborough of Self Awareness (delivered by Apricot) and 8 European partners to launch a 2 year Transfer of Innovation, Lifelong Learning Programme.

Abbreviated to DAISS (Job Matching Diagnostic for Assessing Soft Skills and Work Role Preferences), the programme will be led in the UK and 7 other countries by the partners:

  • ASEV Empoli in Italy
  • FORSAS Geneva in Italy
  • Hellenic Regional Development Centre in Greece
  • IPA SA Research Institute in Romania
  • Industry Watch Group in Bulgaria
  • Social Innovations Centre in Lithuania
  • SPI in Portugal
  • Vondi Consulting in Austria
  • Apricot Training Management Ltd in the UK

The partners will work with the Self Awareness Job Matching system to:

  • make appropriate adaptations for and test validity in the different languages, cultures and business needs of the countries participating
  • raise understanding in Vocational Education Providers of the importance of soft skills in recruitment and development
  • improve adult employability
  • draw together candidate providers and employers with vacancies to inform VET programmes to better meet their requirements and look for wider opportunities

The meeting was a huge success… An opportunity for the partners to meet for the first time, experience and become familiar with the diagnostic, agree the project plan, agree and become appraised of their roles and lead responsibilities.

All partners left excited and enthused about working with the system, employers and individuals in their respective countries.



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