The Importance of Effective Feedback

December 21st, 2013

One of the many things that are great about the Self Awareness diagnostic is that it is able to provide accurate, objective feedback, instantly. The participant taking the diagnostic and the organisation we are administrating the diagnostic for are both able to receive reports delivered and tailored by the software’s sophisticated algorithms. This is extremely useful. Particularly when working with large groups of people and you need to be efficient, acting in a professional manner and at [...]

Situational Leadership and Developing Great Teams

September 29th, 2013

Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey’s situational leadership model tells us that managers could use different leadership styles depending on the situation.

Traditionally the model allows you to analyse the situation that you’re in and then use the leadership style that is most appropriate. Also, your style is likely to change depending on the competences and commitment levels of your staff and so from person to person. You might lead the same person in one way in one situation and [...]