Self Awareness and partners take soft skills into Europe!

March 15th, 2012

Just this last December saw the First Transnational Meeting in Loughborough of Self Awareness (delivered by Apricot) and 8 European partners to launch a 2 year Transfer of Innovation, Lifelong Learning Programme.

Abbreviated to DAISS (Job Matching Diagnostic for Assessing Soft Skills and Work Role Preferences), the programme will be led in the UK and 7 other countries by the partners:

  • ASEV Empoli in Italy
  • FORSAS Geneva in Italy
  • Hellenic Regional Development Centre in Greece
  • IPA SA [...]

Website launched!

March 15th, 2012

The team at Self Awareness are thrilled about the launch of the eagerly-awaited, new Self Awareness website.

Built to inform visitors and deliver diagnostic services for both EDUCATION and CORPORATE users, the site remains the online one-stop-shop for Self Awareness customers’ diagnostic Footprint questionnaire and all their Personalised Reports that have proved both relevant and productive to students, teachers, coaches & clients, job-seekers and employees alike.

Jackie Rawling at [...]