Easily accessible, well-established, online psychometric diagnostic

Based on the widely used 4 quadrant (DISC) model of workplace behaviour, the Self Awareness diagnostic also uniquely incorporates an assessment of a person's approach to acquiring new knowledge and skills.

the Self Awareness diagnostic and personalised reports are accessed easily online by both trainers and delegates

Currently available for the Training situation

  • online Footprint® diagnostic
  • online Self Awareness Profile reports
  • online In-Tune® Trainer-Delegate harmony indicator
  • a growing range of online role-contextualised reports including:
    • Management Style
    • Selling Style
    • Enterprise Skills
    • Coaching Styles – for Coach and Coachee
  • DISC awareness training

How Self Awareness is used

Our products and services are used by individuals, organisations, coaches and trainers for employability, staff and management development and recruitment.

More specific information

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