What you might need to do

If your employer, recuiter or agency has involved you in this programme, you will be asked to complete a 10 minute online Footprint® questionnaire.

What the diagnostic and reports are about

The diagnostic is designed to accurately capture your behavioural working preferences as well as your innate approach to new tasks and acquiring new skills. It is based on the 4 quadrant (DISC) theory of workplace behaviour which has been established for over 50 years. It does not measure IQ.

The reports generated aim to fairly represent what you have said about yourself in your responses. There will be some reference to working strengths, natural style, motivators and values... but the report may not reflect your coping strategies or how you consciously adapt your behaviour.

How you might use the reports

Some reports are designed to be used with your manager, coach or mentor; others are for your own use in making informed decisions about careers and productive working relationships; others include interview tips.

Do browse the DOWNLOADS page for examples.

What next

When you are ready, please LOG IN to complete the Footprint questionnaire.