Bringing together employers and interviewees who are as right for each other as they both look on paper!

Whether employer or applicant, how often have you come to the end of a long interview process, exhausted and exclaimed "but they looked so good on paper"?

"we needed people who would fit into our organisation and had the necessary skillset to meet the demands of the current economic climate.  Using the job Matching tool... we recruited some excellent people"

Self Awareness employability services include

  • online Footprint® soft skills diagnostic
  • Self Awareness Profile reports
  • job vacancy Soft Skills Summary*
  • applicant Candidate Feedback* report
  • Job-Candidate Matching* service
  • employability workshops, CV support and career coaching

the Self Awareness diagnostic, role & personalised reports and job matching tool are easily accessed online by both individuals and employers

Saving time and costs

Creating the list of hard skills - qualifications, expertise and experience - needed in a new employee and comparing these with the applications and CVs you receive can be a daunting enough task.

Add to this the time and expense of advertising, shortlisting, interviewing, inducting, equipping and training new people - and you are looking at a significant costs to your business for even one new appointment.

So what cost to your profitability if it doesn't work out? When your new recruit's soft skills - behaviour, approach or personal attributes - are at odds with the demands of the role or culture of either team or organisation? Knowledge and expertise can be taught and developed; but what of inherent soft skills?

What if you could easily determine and express the soft skills that would make the best appointment and prove most productive for both your business and new recruit?

Determining the qualities needed for your vacancies

By responding to a few simple choices in the Self Awareness online Job Role diagnostic, employers are able to quickly and easily generate a Soft Skills Summary for any vacancy.

Shortlisting applicants based on personal qualities

Similarly, your candidates are able to access and complete our simple online Footprint diagnostic.

Our In-Tune® Job Matching system compares candidates' profiles against that determined for your vacancy to give an indication of soft skills fit.

"using the Job Matching tool enabled us to sift through applicants and made the recruitment process much more efficient and effective"

Candidate preparation

Individuals' Self Awareness personalised reports are available to provide indication of most suitable roles and careers as well as tailored questions to ask at interview.

"it is common for the people we work with to be stuck in the past... prevented from identifying their true value. The diagnostic tool has been useful overcoming this barrier to personal development. In fact, we are coming to depend on it"

We also have a growing range of contextualised reports such as Management Style, Selling Style and Enterprise Skills.

Successful interview days; productive appointments

Combining both hard and soft skills into the shortlisting process helps both employer and interviewees arrive on the day streets ahead of the game.

"we recruited some excellent people"

Self awareness soft skill profiles and matching help create an informed interviewee list with candidates suited, ready and keen to take on the challenges in a role that suits their own qualities and strengths.

More information

Self Awareness has a wealth of experience working with both recruiters and individuals seeking new staff, jobs and careers.

We assist employers with their outplacement strategies and recruitment drives. Individuals are offered a combination of professional guidance, workshops and career support tools.

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