Build early, successful relationships with your Clients

At the heart of all we offer, our Self Awareness diagnostic provides the ideal foundation for planning and establishing the very best Client relationships - drawing upon both the Coach's and Client/Coachee's preferred styles for behaviour, communication and approaching new challenges.

"the psychometric profiling [and Coaching Style reports]... made a major contribution to the 100% success rate. Entirely happy with the excellent service received"

Based on the well-established DISC system of workplace behaviour, our system also uniquely incorporates the assessment of a person's approach to mastering new tasks, skills and knowledge... and so, how they like to accomplish new challenges.

Products and services available

Currently available for the Coaching relationship:

  • online Footprint® diagnostic
  • Approach to Coaching report - for the reflective Coach
  • Response to Coaching report - to consider the best coaching style for the Client
  • Coach-Client In-Tune® Matching tool
  • optional in-context Consultancy
  • a growing range of context-specific Client reports including:
    • Self Awareness Profile
    • Management Style
    • Selling Style
    • Enterprise Skills
  • DISC awareness training

the Self Awareness diagnostic and personalised reports are accessed easily online by both Coach and Client

How Self Awareness is used

We have worked extensively in the matching and development of Coach-Coachee relationships in order to promote growth in SMEs.

Our products and services have also been used with individuals and organisations for employability, staff development, recruitment and EDUCATION.

More specific information

For examples and ideas, see reports in the DOWNLOADS pages and browse our customer CASE STUDIES.

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