Case Studies

Great staff selected for vacancies using Job Matching tool

Apricot Training Management Limited

Apricot is a midlands-based Project Management and Training Brokerage company. They provide a range of high quality services to employers, individuals and those seeking to improve the prospects of local economies and communities. They seek to make a difference through innovation in the design and delivery of employment, training, outplacement and enterprise services.

Services used

  • online Footprint® diagnostic
  • Job Soft Skills report
  • Candidate Feedback reports
  • Job-Matching tool


As a small company with a strong team ethos, recruiting people who will both fit the culture and make a flying start is vitally important at Apricot. It was decided to use Self Awareness’s 4 quadrant workplace behaviour diagnostic for both the Job Roles and prospective candidates to gain more insight about fitness to role and company at the shortlisting stage as well as in interview.

The challenge

Apricot was recruiting 4 new posts which included a Service Office Manager and Project Manager. They needed a better idea of how potential applicants would fit into their small organisation. 

Their Operations Director comments:

“We had advertised these jobs with several recruitment agencies and were inundated with CVs for the positions”

The solution

Apricot wanted a more effective way to recruit and decided to set up a job profile for each of the jobs and then ask the individuals to complete an online test.  They prepared job profiles for each of the roles and the system made it easy for them to prioritise those essential ‘soft skills’ required for the different jobs.  They commented that as they are a small team, it was essential that new people coming into the organisation would not only be a good match regarding the skills and experience Apricot were looking for, but they would also fit in with the culture and philosophy of Apricot. 

Their Operations Director comments:

It took several attempts to get our ‘soft skills’ match just right (and this was easy to tweak) but as soon as were happy with the report, with just a press of the button, the job matching was completed which gave us a list of Best and Good match people for the jobs

Once the job matching part was completed, interviews were arranged with the selected individuals. They decided to interview one candidate from the ‘poor fit’ category as the individual demonstrated, at least on paper, that they had the experience and knowledge Apricot were looking for. The rest of the candidates interviewed were from the ‘Best’ and ‘Good’ Fit categories.

The results

Apricot commented that the job tool and the soft skills individual reports identified some excellent candidates for them to interview and as they were confident that the individuals selected were a good match for their organisation, the selection then became easier. Their final selection of candidates had in fact come from the ‘Best’ fit and they did recruit 4 new people. As mentioned above, they also decided to interview a ‘poor’ fit candidate and although this individual seemed to be the ‘best on paper’, the individual was definitely a poor fit for their organisation and this was demonstrated during the interview.

The future

Apricot were delighted with the results from the Job Matching system within the Self Awareness package as they found it to be a reliable method of recruitment.

Their Operations Director comments:

"We would certainly use this again and we highly recommend this approach to recruitment. It saved us time in selecting the best candidates for interview as well as helping us feel confident in our recruitment decision"