Case Studies

Coach-client interventions given head starts to success using Self Awareness diagnostic and reports

Purplestar Development

Purplestar Development is an organisation which specialises in career coaching, business coaching and working with companies to train their staff as internal coaches. They train and develop individuals from both the public and private sectors.

Services used

  • online Fooprint® diagnostic
  • Candidate Feedback report
  • Approach to Coaching report
  • Response to Coaching report
  • Enterprise Skills report


Purplestar Development  is involved in developing people and uses a wide range of assessment tools for helping clients with their career direction.  They have had some experience of using the DISC system with individuals but needed a robust, professional and usable tool for their clients. They were looking for an effective and accurate assessment tool to help clients look at possible new careers.

The challenge

Purplestar have a number of clients who are considering career change opportunities either as a result of redundancy or boredom in their current role. They also train people to be coaches and needed an assessment tool which coaches could use with their coachees to get a greater understanding of their client’s needs.

The Managing Director from Purplestar Development comments:

"I had used the DISC system previously and found it a useful addition to my coaching toolkit. I was introduced to the Self Awareness product as a means to getting to the heart of the client both for personal and career development"

The solution

Purplestar ran an initial pilot for 15 clients using the online Self Awareness Footprint Diagnostic and the Candidate Feedback report. Once the tests had been completed, coaching sessions were arranged to discuss the outcome of the reports. 

They also piloted with 20 trainee coaches working in the public sector. As part of the training, coaches are required to undertake self-reflection and the Candidate Feedback report was used, as well as the Approach to Coaching and Response to Coaching. All these reports were used to develop their own abilities and to act as a reflection document with those they were coaching.

After the initial pilots, Purplestar used the diagnostic with all their clients with specific reports to suit individual needs. There were ‘job changers’ who were looking at career options where the suggested job roles were a useful starting point to explore during the coaching sessions. Some were looking at the self-employment prospect and the ‘Enterprise Skills’ reports were used to help individuals look and plan their businesses.

The results

The Candidate Feedback report gave the clients…

a real understanding of their working style and led to a lot of ‘light bulb’ moments. Many commented that it was very accurate and enabled them to identify the types of roles at work they found enjoyable. The results from the reports also re-affirmed their strengths which led to a greater awareness of themselves and confidence in their own abilities

The trainee coaches welcomed the additional information it gave them about themselves but also about their clients – it enriched the coaching process and helped individuals move faster towards their desired goals.

The future

Purplestar Development comment...

“We will continue using the Self Awareness Diagnostic tool as it offers value for money and leads to a greater understanding of clients and assists individuals in their own personal success stories”