Case Studies

High Growth for midlands businesses delivered by Pera using Self Awareness Coach Matching tool...

Pera Innovation Ltd
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Local Government consultancy

Services used

  • online Fooprint® diagnostic
  • Approach to Coaching report
  • Response to Coaching report
  • online In-Tune® coach-matching tool
  • optional Consultancy in Context


In 2005, Pera won the management contract for a government sponsored scheme to indentify 50 SME’s in the east midlands which had the potential to achieve high growth. The task was to identify such companies and then conduct a diagnostic to establish what internal barriers to achieving maximum growth existed; then to further identify who in the SMT would benefit most from executive coaching. Lastly the programme needed to indentify and appoint an appropriate coach for each organisation.

The challenge

The High Growth programme was innovative, ambitious and unique. Expertise had to be recruited in personnel to apply the ‘barriers to growth’ diagnostic. Coaches with the appropriate background and skills had to be found and a coaching panel formed. Lastly, it was deemed crucial that the relationship between the appointed Coach and the chosen recipient(s) (Coachee) within each SME was maximised. Analysis of behavioural and management styles was identified as possibly being able to support the matching process.

The solution

In respect of how maximising the relationship was achieved, it was decided to appoint a specialist consultancy with the capacity to analyse behavioural data in a Management Style and Coaching context. Tenders were sought from various companies and the contract was won by Apricot (deliverers of Self Awareness).

Apricot set up a microsite facility. Through this would be accessed their generic Working Style tool to measure the key working aspects of the chosen Coachee (usually the MD, FD or Ops director). The microsite also hosted the testing tool which measured the natural Coaching Style and patterns within the personalities of the coaching panel representatives.

The service included feedback reports for each of the Coaches and the Coachees so that each could study the working preferences of the other before a first meeting – thus saving time and maximising the chances of success of the relationship.

Where there was more than one appropriate coach (in terms of hard skills and industry experience), more time was spent on the analysis of the behavioural data to ensure the best coaching placement.

After an initial pilot and evaluation study, the programme ran for 6 years with each tranche of companies being offered a two year programme of coaching support designed to enable them to overcome internal barriers to growth. Face to face coaching output was 2 hours weekly for 30 weeks.

The results

The programme was very successful in the East Midlands. To date, over 125 companies have been supported by over 70 executive coaches; some of them delivering exponential growth.

The inclusion of a behavioural context to the coach matching process was seen as a crucial component which ultimately reduced the mis-match of coaching relationships and identified the best relationships to deliver real success. The quality, professionalism and experience of the Apricot consultants were particularly mentioned in this context; as was the accuracy and practicality of the diagnostic tool and its outputs.

In an independent evaluation by GHK commissioned by EMDA, it was stated that

“the [coaching] that had been provided through the programme was ‘excellent’. This was due to the personalised nature of the support and the benefits that it provided to the company. It had also helped the business to identify barriers to growth and enabled them to achieve goals”

In answer to the question “how satisfied were you with the design and delivery of the following aspects of the programme?”, tailored one-to-one coaching scored highest with 93% respondents being satisfied or very satisfied – the highest scores available.

Simon Hall, High Growth Manager for Pera, consistently rated our products and services as “Excellent” and comments

“my instincts lean towards very strongly concluding that the [Self Awareness] psychometric profiling [,Coach/Coachee reports] and [the Consultant’s] skilful analysis made a major contribution to the 100% success rate.”  Further, that he is “Entirely happy with the excellent service received and [has] thoroughly enjoyed working with [Self Awareness]”