Self Awareness and performance

The differentiator for successful individuals and organisations so often centres around self-awareness:

relating, resilience, direction, purpose, meaning, responsibility, impact... performance!

Based on the well-established DISC model of workplace behaviour, the Self Awareness online Footprint® diagnostic works on the responses a person gives to create a representation of their behavioural profile. It also uniquely incorporates an assessment of a person's approach to taking on new tasks and acquiring new skills.

Aspects such as qualities, values to an organisation, workplace strengths, motivators, communication preferences and how a person masters new challenges are used to generate powerful, personalised and role-contextualised reports. These are used in a wide variety of situations to create an environment for success including:

  • staff and management training and development
  • coaching and mentoring
  • employability, recruitment, career development and redundancy support 

Right people, right jobs, right skills, right direction,
right performance!

Products and services currently available include:

  • online Footprint® diagnostic
  • Management, Selling Style, Enterprise Skills & Self Awareness Profile reports
  • Coach-Client In-Tune® Matching service
  • Coach and Coachee style reports
  • job vacancy Soft Skills Summary*
  • applicant Candidate Feedback* report
  • Job-Candidate In-Tune® Matching* service
  • Self Awareness & Communication workshops

the Self Awareness diagnostic and personalised reports are accessed easily online

How Self Awareness is used

We have worked extensively with organisations in employability, staff development, recruitment and the matching and development of Coach-Coachee relationships in order to promote growth in SMEs.

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More specific information

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* currently available in our sister Job Matching system