In today's world supporting individuals with employability, job search and career development is a key priority. Whether you are an employability provider, educational institution or simply an individual wanting to develop their potential we can help.

For individuals to develop their full potential you need to know what makes them tick. You need know how to get the best out of them and build their confidence. You need to play to their strengths.

Self Awareness can help. Our unique diagnostic allows individuals to understand and develop their soft skills, which is increasingly what we know employers value.

“It is the hard skills that get you the interview and the soft skills that get you the job – and help you to keep it”

Self Awareness also helps you match individuals to the right opportunities. Our Job Matching system compares candidates' profiles against that required for an employer's job vacancy to give an indication of soft skills fit. This has been widely tried and tested and is a proven aid to right first time recruitment, saving employers both time and money. Combining both hard and soft skills into the shortlisting process helps both employer and interviewees arrive at the interview streets ahead of the game.

Self Awareness soft skill profiles and matching helps create an informed interviewee list with candidates suited, ready and keen to take on the challenges in a role that fits their own qualities and strengths.

"using the Job Matching tool enabled us to sift through applicants and made the recruitment process much more efficient and effective"

"we recruited some excellent people"

So, whether you are looking to assist new entrants to the labour market, someone who is unemployed or individuals that are looking for a change in career, Self Awareness will help you make decisions that maximise their potential.

  • an individual's soft skills
  • what motivates them
  • their key strengths and behaviours
  • their work style preferences
  • the type of working environment that would suit them best
  • possible careers and job roles that match their attributes
  • what they will need from people around them
  • their preferred learning style

"the Self Awareness online diagnostic tool is easy to use and provides a wealth of reports to help you plan job search activities"

It helps individuals to understand what employers are looking for and how best to show their true value and potential.

Through understanding themselves it helps individuals to build on their strengths, bringing greater self-esteem and purpose.

Such individuals will have more confidence to:

  • express their skills and abilities to employers
  • build a professional and compelling CV
  • present themselves effectively at interview
  • explore their enterprise skills
  • know their management style
  • develop their selling abilities
  • manage their personal development

Self Awareness will help you engage with individuals and stimulate their thinking. It provides a uniquely personal reference frame to allow you to discuss and develop their potential. It will support relevant job search activity. And when individuals secure that new opportunity it will help with their induction and continuing professional development making their position more secure and sustainable.

Self Awareness uniquely identifies a person's preferred learning style, helping you to shape their Individual learning Plan and engage them in developing their employability and personal development.