Do you ever wonder... 

  • why you learn better in some classes than others 
  • why you make friends and work more easily with some people than others 
  • what careers you might enjoy and do best in 
  • what personal qualities to talk about in your UCAS application and interviews?

What the programme is all about

The Self Awareness Programme gives you a chance to find out more about yourself and how you work with other people, so that you can make the most of your personal strengths and understand why you find some things easy... and others more difficult.

What you might need to do

If your school or college has involved you in this programme, you will be asked to complete a 10 minute online Footprint® questionnaire. You are the expert on yourself, so your responses help us describe your natural working and learning style.

Your Teacher or Tutor will then discuss with you a set of reports based upon the answers you give.

How you may use the reports

Your reports should help you see yourself as others do. They can help you understand more about your preferred way of learning and working - as well as strategies to improve your results. You can use them to see how to get more out of your time at school or college... as well as thinking about next steps into the world of work, training or university.

We hope you enjoy reading your reports. Please discuss them with your parents, teachers and friends... you may find they recognise your qualities more easily than you do!

What next

When you are ready, please LOG IN to complete the Footprint questionnaire.

  1. what do I have to contribute. . .
  2. how do I start  writing my UCAS statement. . .
  3. what ways of learning will give me the best grades. . .
  4. and how can I be the VERY BEST version of ME?

A Brighter Future

the Self Awareness reports you will discuss with your Tutor are designed to help you be successful in your relationships, studies and career

did you know?

DISC behaviour theory has been around for over 50 years and this Self Awareness system is validated by the University of Cambridge

a closer look...

  • how will you learn best?
  • what careers will you enjoy most and succeed in?
  • how can you get the best out of relationships?

...closer still!

  • what personal qualities should you talk about in your personal statement and interviews
  • LOG IN and find out...