You've probably arrived at this page because your son or daughter has come home with Self Awareness Reports or talking about an online test or workshop they've done.

We're delighted that you want to know a little more!

Background of the Self Awareness diagnostic

The Self Awareness Programme for Education begins with an online Footprint® questionnaire that is validated for young adults by the University of Cambridge. It is based upon a method of workplace behaviour assessment established over 50 years ago and used extensively in the business world. Our system also assesses how the student will learn most effectively.

How it might be used with your son or daughter

A suite of reports is generated by the answers the student gives. They are designed to be discussed by tutor and students to help your child explore their own qualities and strengths and the most effective learning strategies to achieve their best grades.

They are an invaluable starting point for conversations and choices about relationships, studies, employment and Further or Higher Education.

"thank you for giving our son the confidence to succeed at his interview for [university]. Your report and feedback was full of supportive and accurate guidance which [he] was able to use when describing his natural strengths and qualities"

The full programme may also include workshops. It allows your teenager to understand their motivations and how to use their natural style to work, learn and build relationships more effectively.

The Self Awareness programme promotes increases in self confidence, esteem and purpose... whether in school or at home.

"we found the reports and learning extremely helpful in improving our students' self-esteem and confidence"

How they might help you

Try reading through the report(s) with your teenager to discuss how they see themselves and their early careers.

Use them as a starting point for tricky conversations and to understand the way they are approaching their preparation for exams - strategies that might be quite different from those used when you were studying!

More specific information

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  • talk though my teenager 's Self Awareness reports this evening...
  • find out what it (and s/he!) is all about!


in years 10 and 11, kids begin to distance themselves from adults... the Self Awareness diagnostic provides a starting point for important conversations


the reports provide an excellent foundation for study skills, career planning, university applications, productive relationships and life in general.


Visit the DOWNLOADS page for info and examples of the reports available

get in touch

  • if your child is part of a Self Awareness Programme at school or college, the Programme Co-ordinator there is your first point of contact
  • otherwise, why not suggest the head of year has a look at our site... and contacts us