Educators 16+

School or college life after GCSEs can be quite a challenge to the post 16 student...

  • study periods, coaching time, the need to self-motivate and independently plan learning
  • decisions, applications and interviews for work, further education or university
  • different teachers and new surroundings!

All of a sudden, resources that will give a head start to inform strategies for success and career decisions based on each student's personal qualities and preferences come in to their own...

the Self Awareness diagnostic and personalised reports are accessed easily online by both students and teachers

Personal qualities, preferences & attributes

The foundation of the Self Awareness diagnostic, the 4 quadrant (DISC) theory of workplace behaviour, has been established for over 50 years. Our particular system is validated for young adults by the Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge.

Based on a profile generated by answers they give in an online questionnaire, Self Awareness reports provide a wealth of personal information on a student's qualities, styles and best strategies to support career planning, preparation and applications.

The Interview Skills, World of Work and Enterprise Skills reports provide student-personalised information and strategies to support discussions, decisions and preparation for life and work beyond a student's key stage 4 education.

"we found the reports and learning extremely helpful in improving our students' self-esteem and learning"

Interview Skills and Personal Statement reports are invaluable for supporting university applications. These student-specific resources are used to help build powerful UCAS applications and performance in university interviews.

"your personal statement reports have saved my sixth form tutors a lot of time this year with UCAS applications"

"the report and feedback was full or supportive and accurate guidance which [he] was able
to use when describing his natural strengths and qualities... the confidence to succeed at interview for [university]"

Personalised learning styles & strategies

Working closely with our partnering schools and the University of Cambridge, it has been determined that:

  • the use of specific learning strategies improves a student's ability to master new tasks
  • effective instruction is achieved where teaching style matches the student's learning style, but that...
  • the use of appropriate learning strategies mediate the effect of individual teacher/student characteristics on academic performance.

Uniquely, our Footprint® diagnostic includes determination of a student's natural way of approaching new tasks, skills and learning. In the move to post 16, where student-teacher relationships and learning environments are often new, our Approach to Learning report helps give a head-start to establishing understanding and appropriate learning strategies to optimise academic performance.

Teacher-Student harmony

Even greater potential exists where tutors also complete the diagnostic. In addition to a personalised Approach to Teaching report, Self Awareness' unique In-Tune® tool maps the level of harmony between tutor and student styles.

Identifying where and what adaptations to style might be appropriate can help improve the productiveness of Tutor/coaching sessions.

Professional programmes

See the CORPORATE section for TRAINERS and COACHES.

Need to find simple resources for

  1. students' qualities for UCAS statements
  2. improve exam results
  3. personalised career/interview advice


most recent research indicates that, where personalised learning strategies are used, the effects of individual teacher/student characteristics on academic performance are mediated


  • get to know your new students quickly
  • personalised reports for powerful learning strategies and work/university applications



if your school or college already has a Self Awareness Programme, the Programme Co-ordinator there is your first point of contact

otherwise, why not suggest the head of year has a look at our site... and CONTACT us on 0845 094 3955