Educators 14-16

Our education partners tell us that, in years 10 and 11, students are starting to distance themselves from adults – at a time when it is perhaps most crucial to foster mutual understanding... and for the students to know themselves!

Often confused by their own feelings, their place in the world and a seemingly mind-boggling array of demands and options, this age group are likely to need to...

  • focus and devise effective strategies for exams
  • build positive, productive relationships
  • consider their future in education and work

Personalised reports generated from the Self Awareness online Footprint® diagnostic are ideal both as a starting point for conversations and for on-going, personalised strategies.

the Self Awareness diagnostic and personalised reports are accessed easily online by both students and teachers

Personal qualities, preferences & attributes

The foundation of the Self Awareness diagnostic, the 4 quadrant (DISC) theory of workplace behaviour, has been established for over 50 years. Our particular system is validated by the University of Cambridge.

Self Awareness reports are ideal for use to support PSHE & employability sessions. They serve to inform journeys of discovery - a student's personal and working qualities, a sense of value and what they can contribute... creating a positive climate for change, self-worth, confidence and success.

"we found the reports and learning extremely helpful in improving our students' self-esteem and confidence"

Used in group work, the reports may be used to promote an understanding of referenced self, others, responsibility and community... establishing a culture of teamwork, positive behaviour, peer support and teaching relationships.

Personalised learning styles & strategies

Working closely with our partnering schools and the Psychometrics Department, University of Cambridge, it has been determined that:

  • the use of specific learning strategies improves a student's ability to master new tasks
  • effective instruction is achieved where teaching style matches the student's learning style, but that...
  • the use of appropriate learning strategies mediate the effect of individual teacher/student characteristics on academic performance.

Uniquely, our Footprint diagnostic includes determination of a student's natural way of approaching new tasks, skills and learning. The Self Awareness Approach to Learning report considers these to inform creation of appropriate learning strategies to optimise academic performance.

Tutor-Student Harmony

Even greater potential exists where tutors also complete the diagnostic. In addition to a personalised Approach to Teaching report, Self Awareness' unique In-Tune® tool maps the level of harmony between teaching and learning styles.

Identifying where and what adaptations to style might be appropriate can help improve individual student achievement and behaviour in the classroom.

find student-specific resources to build:

  1. personalised learning plans
  2. positive relationships & behaviour
  3. employability sessions


most recent research indicates that, where personalised learning strategies are used, the effects of individual teacher/student characteristics on academic performance are mediated


  • foster a postive environment of mutual understanding
  • determine and devise student-specific learning strategies for improved academic performance



  • if your school or college already has a Self Awareness Programme, the Programme Co-ordinator there is your first point of contact
  • otherwise, why not suggest the head of year has a look at our site... and contacts us on 0845 094 3955